The 2023 Tuesday Night AIB DBSC Women on the Water Series

Feb 24, 2023 | Sailing, WoW

DBSC are delighted to announce the introduction of a new series supporting the push to increase female participation in our sport: The 2023 Tuesday Night  AIB DBSC Women on the Water Series.

DBSC will run normal Tuesday night racing but with an added difference!
In addition to competing in the normal Tuesday Evening series boats helmed by a female and with a minimum female compliment of 50% (we’d love to see 100%) can enter the Women on the Water series at no additional charge. 
In order to deliver competitive racing with handicaps across different classes the following classes are eligible to enter this new series. SB20, FF15, Sports boat, Ruffian 23 and B211. There will be series prizes for the two top performers in the series.

To make this an exciting, competitive and fun racing series we would love to see as many entrants as possible so get your team together, tell your friends and sign up!  
All WOW boats will be recorded in both the standard Tuesday Series and the new WOW Series
If your boat is already entered for 2023 you can email and ask that your entry to this series is noted. 

Yours in Sailing,

Ed Totterdell


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