Casual Boatmen Wanted 2023 / 2024

Casual Boatmen Wanted 2023 / 2024

The National Yacht Club is currently looking to complement the pool of casual boatmen available to work in the Club's boathouse.

The work carried out by casual boatmen, under the supervision of experienced staff, is wide ranging and both demanding and rewarding in equal measures.

Casual boatmen are involved in all the boathouse duties, ranging from the cleanliness and maintenance of the platform to ferrying members to the moorings to assisting with crane lifts to maintaining club crafts (dinghies, keelboats, RIBs, launches etc)

The boathouse operates 7 days / week all year round,  8h / day in the winter and 12h / day in the summer, with a break around Christmas / New Year.

Casual boatmen, mostly university students, tend to stay with us for many years as hours worked can be quite flexible and tailored to individual requirements.

If you interested in joining the pool of casual boatmen, or even inquire for further details, please fill in the form here

Platform Clearance

Platform Clearance

Dear Winter Platform Parking users.

The Winter Platform Parking Season is coming to an end on Sunday 9th April and we need a total platform clearance of all the dinghies and other types currently on the deck and / or on racks to make room for the lift-in which is scheduled for Saturday 15th April.

If your boat is not in use in one of the Club organised training anymore please make sure to come and collect it as soon as possible as the skeleton boathouse staff needs to reconfigure the platform well in advance of the lift-in and to reposition, or partially dismantle the racks used by the Opis, Toppers, Lasers and RS Aeros.

ALL dinghies must be removed by Sunday 9th April 18:00 at the very latest.

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