Welcome to the National Yacht Club’s Junior Section.

We would like to welcome everyone to another very exciting years sailing in the National Yacht Club.  In our club we have a thriving junior sailing section that is active right throughout the year. Our aim is to help all juniors of all abilities to enjoy the sport and achieve their very best. Every year we run a range of courses and events in the club and coordinate travelling to other events around the country and the world. Our junior section success is due, in no small part, to all parent / member volunteers who give up their weekends to help out with slip duty and organising and coordinating junior training activities. A quick guide to the main events of the year:

  • Spring training for level 2 and above on Sunday mornings in February and March
  • National Nippers for absolute beginners (age 6-8) run on Wednesdays evenings May and June
  • Inter Club Junior racing on Friday evenings from April to June.
  • 10 Weeks of Summer Courses for all abilities running from June to early August
  • NYC Junior Regatta
  • Sailing program run for transition year students starts September
  • Inter Club Junior racing on Sundays in September.
  • Autumn training for level 2 and above on Sundays in October and November
  • Junior Dinner for Parents and juniors alike in November

In addition to this we run numerous other one off, specialist and smaller group training throughout the year. Often there will either be training or events on over mid term breaks.  We also organize coaches to support junior sailors on the water at away at sailing championships and events around the country.  The events section of the club website shows future events and courses being run for Optimists, Topper, Lasers and Fevas -please check out all future events for your class. The Junior Committee (listed on the web site) is structured around the four main junior fleets and these people are the first port of call to enquire about those fleets.  For parents with new juniors in the club we know it can sometime be quite daunting to get started but very rewarding when you achieve it.  We would be delighted to help get you started.  There are a range of boats that can be chartered from the club so that juniors can get on the water before they have to commit to purchasing a boat. Please contact reception@nyc.ie if you have any further queries or want to get in contact with any of the committee.

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