RULE 36– CLUB FLAGS The club burgee and flags as included under rule 36 at the recent A.G.M. are available from the club office. A special flag order form will be available to facilitate members wishing to acquire a burgee or ensign.

YACHT REGISTRATION Members with boats on the Dun Laoghaire Marina, on private moorings or “out-port” are requested to register their boat with the Club. A special “Registration Form” is available and registration will carry the following benefits:

  • Registered boats may benefit from members rate of crane, pontoon and other facilities.
  • Fly the Club burgee.
  • Use of winter hard-standing facility.
  • National Yacht Club identification stickers will be provided.
  • Owners of registered boats may apply to the Club for a warrant to fly the Club ensign.

NOTE: Boats on Club moorings are automatically registered as the Club has a record of these boats. For details of Club Flags click on link: NYC_flags (pdf)

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