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Cruising Group’s program for the rest of the year.

4/5 June

Overnight in Howth Yacht Club with a cruise back the following day. Regrettably, the Howth cruising group will not be sailing toKilliney Bay on the 5th of June. However, two boats are currently considering sailing to Howth on the 4th of June, regardless, and staying overnight. HYC Have agreed with me that they should be able to accommodate a couple of NYC boats overnight. So, if there are any other boats interesting in joining the couple of boats already sailing, please let me know and I will discuss accommodation with the HYC this coming Saturday.

29/30 June

Overnight (Saturday) in Malahide Marina (arriving after 4pm).The main challenge to this event is entering Malahide Marina at the correct stage of tide. As it will be necessary to leave quite early the following morning, some of you may wish to take the opportunity to anchor of Lambay island for lunch, before sailing back to Dunlaoghaire. Malahide Marina has provisionally booked space for 15 boats, and we may be able to obtain a discount. As replies to the survey indicated a preference for dining together, an effort will be made to see if this is possible. It all depends on the number travelling. For this reason, we’d appreciate if you could fill in the form below so we can make provisional arrangements.

27 July

Day cruise (Saturday) to drop anchor at Lambay with HYC cruising group. Subject to numbers, there is potential to visit Howth Yacht Club on the return leg to add a social element to the event.

3 August

Bray Airshow – drop anchor in Killiney / Dalkey and return to the club for a potential BBQ, again subject to numbers. It will be necessary to get down quite early as the place is to anchor can be limited and there will be Marshalls directing the anchoring.

13/14/15/16 September

Isle of Man (Peel)/Wales – three-day sailing cruise. The intention here is to organize a more serious long-distance cruise, preferably to the Isle of man, but if wind direction or weather precludes such a trip, we may have an alternative to Newlan or Holyhead. While there is a marina in Peel, it is in a lock which can only be accessed at certain stages of high tide, This is why we have changed the date to the 13th of September. This trip will need careful planning which is why we suggest alternative destinations, dates, and a skipper briefing the Sunday beforehand, the 8th sept. While we have included all dates from Friday to Monday, it will still only be a three-day cruise, so a choice as to whether we will be away on the Monday or the Friday will be made closer to the time. There should be no need to worry about needing a dinghy should we anchor or take up a mooring, as we should have sufficient dinghies amongst the bigger boats to arrange a taxi service.

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