Summer Platform Parking 2024

Guidelines for Applicants

This summer we are anticipating that there may be more demand than space available for parking of members boats at the Club. This is an interesting challenge for us all and on the positive side is an indication of the great health and enthusiasm of the Club membership. All of us need to work together to help manage this issue in a manner that respects  the many diverse activity groups within the Club.

All members wishing to park a boat on the Club platform for the summer (and those applying for breakwater/mooring locations) should note the following guidelines that are being implemented today to manage the Club facilities this season.

These guidelines are designed to ensure that access to the parking facilities is transparent and fair and that the benefit of this facility is extended to as many members as possible. We will examine the operation and implementation of these guidelines over the coming period to understand how they work out in reality.

  1.  summer platform Applications for dinghy parking spaces and allocation of spaces will be handled in the following order of priority in accordance with the Club rules:
  • Category A: Full Membership classes that are entitled to apply for platform parking for dinghies and have priority over other membership classes: Full Member (including in the 26-30 and 30-32 year old categories), Family Member (including both adult spouses), Senior Member, Lifetime Member.
  • Category B: Associate Membership classes that may apply for platform parking for dinghies subject to general rules and limitations in force (e. current space limitations and these guidelines): Associate Spouse, Associate Ensign, Associate Cadet.
  1. The Boathouse Team have prepared an initial plan based on anticipated demand. This may mean that there are fewer spaces available for a boat type than there is demand for. The plan may be varied depending on actual applications received always having regard to the available space, Membership Category and boat type.
  1. Applications open online (see form below) from Tuesday 2nd April and will take place in two “rounds” based on the Membership categories above, as follows.
  1. Round One: Until midnight on April 8th – Category A:
    1. Full Member – up to two boats
    2. Senior/ Lifetime Member – up to two boats
    3. Family Members – up to three boats (per Family membership)
  2.  Round 2: From April 9th to midnight on April 12th – Category B:
    1. Associate Spouse – one boat
    2. Associate Ensign – one boat
    3. Associate Cadet – one boat
  3.  Round 3: From April 13th – Applications will be accepted from Category A and Category B classes for any unassigned spaces (on a ‘first come – first served’ basis)
  4. PLEASE NOTE THAT applications will be examined from Monday 8th April only so do not contact us beforehand.  You will receive a pre-filled invoice to settle the summer platform parking fee as soon as  your application is successful. We do not anticipate major capacity issues this year but there are no guarantees, hence this detailed process
  5. PLEASE note that if you have any outstanding arrears including membership fees or other charges your application will automatically be placed on hold until these are addressed. you may only then rejoin the application process and you may not get your desired options at that stage.

6. Applications for parking spaces for Juniors can be made only by Full / Associate Members (i.e. their parents). Members applying on behalf of Juniors should do so in Round 1.

7. Anyone making an application for more than one boat should complete the online parking application request form for each boat in order of preference.

An online application system has been designed to facilitate the above process. This will go live today and will permit applications according to the above membership categories on the dates indicated. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email inviting you to confirm acceptance of the parking space offered with a payment link – please keep an eye out for an email and ensure that you correctly insert your email address when completing your application.

The unfortunate reality is that parking space on our platform is limited, and the above guidelines are intended to address this as best we can. We will be happy to hear from each of the various user groups if you have suggestions for improving capacity or the efficiency of utilisation of the platform space available.

Boathouse Captain

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