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Oct 28, 2022 | Home Page Featured, Sailing

Did you know that Irish Sailing’s Cruising and Representation Policy Group is a key forum in the Irish Sailing policy group line up, and supports cruising sailors of crafts of all sizes, as well as offering representation for all boaters?

As the cruising season comes to an end, we are all winterising our boats and making plans for the 2023 season and beyond. Some will be planning to head south to the sun, join a cruise in company, or just enjoy a local potter with a mackerel line out the back and the kettle on the hob. Every cruising sailor masters their own ship, but we all support each other at sea or on the waterways. Irish Sailing are here to support you too, and that’s why we’ve launched a short survey.

Complete a short survey HERE to help us to understand the activities and needs of the cruising sailors of Ireland.

Find out more about this group here


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