Pat Lawless Sailing Supper & Revival of Cruising Group

Sep 26, 2023 | Club house, Cruising, Home Page Featured, Sailing, Social

Dear Fellow Members,

The club is blessed with quite a few members who derive as much pleasure from sailing their yacht from one port to another as they might do from purely racing them. There are a few who undertake quite extended cruising, quietly, without fanfare, relying purely on their own resources. 

There was in the past a “Cruising Group” within the club which, amongst other things, used to arrange National Yacht Club rallies. I remember these as a lot of fun. 

The Commodore has asked me to “test the waters” as it were, to see if there is sufficient interest within the club to revive this group, with the aim of sharing ideas, daring tales of cruises, and perhaps even arranging another NYC cruising rally. 

To start it off, it has been decided to ask Pat Lawless, of GGR fame, to attend and speak at a Sailing Supper on the 28th of November. He has agreed to do so.

We would appreciate support for this talk, as it was a very adventurous trip, effectively undertaken.  We will use this opportunity to invite comments from the floor as to whether the group could be revived, and what might be the best way to do it.

Bookings for the sailing supper and talk can be made on our website through the below link.

Pat Lawless Supper Book Here

We would appreciate your comments. You might please reply to Edel (


Frank Cassidy.


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