Indecon Public Consultation on the Harbour and Town – Have your say!

Feb 25, 2021 | Home Page Featured

Dear Members,

As you may be aware, DLRCC has employed consultants to complete separate studies on the future of a) the Harbour and b) the Town.  As part of this process, the consultants have already surveyed the Harbour users including the NYC, and have now opened, albeit without much fanfare, the process to the public.  This process has only recently come to our notice via the Save Our Seafront folks and the last date for submissions is Sunday February 28th, so not much time!

The link to the surveys is below, so please click the link and submit your views. The survey will take just 5-10 minutes to complete.

As noted above, the NYC, via the Development Committee and supported by the General Committee, has already completed a similar survey, and it would be really useful if, along with your own personal views, your submissions reinforced the Club’s views.  To this end below are the highlights of the Club’s submission.

  • The old “Commercial Mandate” imposed on the Harbour Company by the Harbours Act needs to be abandoned and instead the DLRCC should look on the Harbour as a public asset, and should treat it much as it does Marley or Kilbogget Parks, i.e. public assets that are not required to “make a return”.
  • Any commercial activity promoted by the Council for the Harbour should support the cultural, leisure and historic aspects of the Harbour and it use for industrial applications, such as windfarm construction/service, is not appropriate.
  • Public access to the water needs to be improved, and the provision of a National Watersports/Events Centre, with appropriate facilities, would go some way towards achieving this goal.
  • The Harbour makes Dun Laoghaire a unique location for the hosting of large international watersport events, and there is the expertise available to attract these events, if the proper infrastructure was available.
  • The integration between the Town and Harbour needs to be improved, and developing the Harbour as a leisure facility is the best way to achieve this.
  • The reduction/removal of the swinging moorings from the East Bight has taken away from the visual impact of the Harbour to the public and these should be reinstated.

Many thanks for your help with this and please do not forget to submit our views by next Sunday.

Paul Barrington


NYC Development Committee


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