Club Facilities – Junior Sailors

Apr 14, 2023 | Uncategorised

Dear Members,

A recent incident involving the condition of the men’s changing rooms following a junior event has been reported to the General Committee by several members.

The Committee reminds all parents of junior sailors that they are responsible for the behaviour of their children. When booking courses an acknowledgement of the club’s code-of-conduct is required.

This code-of-conduct reflects the standard of behaviour expected by the staff, members, and other participants in those courses. Adherence to this basic standard is a condition of participation in the Junior Section – and failure to comply may limit access to events, access to changing rooms and/or participation in courses.

We are fortunate to have such facilities in our club, and we ask that all users treat them with respect so that all our members can continue to enjoy them.

Kind Regards,

Conor O’Regan | Commodore | National Yacht Club


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