Private Dining Options in the NYC this Festive Season!

Nov 3, 2021 | Club house

As we near the festive season, I would like to remind members of the range of private dining options within the Clubhouse that can be availed of for those long awaited friends and family reunions, postponed milestone occasions or the much looked forward to “catch-up”.

The diary is filling up fast but dates are still available for midweek and some weekend days.

1. Centre Dining Room

The Centre Dining room is the epitome of high end private dining room experience and is available to book for 6 – 14 guests.

This room is enhanced by the direct access to the balcony which is perfect for entertaining before and after lunch/dinner.

2. Small Bar Dining Room

The Small Bar Dining room is suitable for between 8 and 18 guests, has its own bar, fireside setting and is the perfect venue for those small family celebrations.

3. The JB Room

The JB room opens out onto the platform terrace and is a fantastic venue for the larger family celebrations and plenty more. Various layouts are possible in this room, be it for Cocktail style parties or the more formal sitdown events.


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