NYC “Ensigns Open Forum” Evening Thursday 22nd February 2018

Feb 19, 2018 | Social

The Ensign category of National Yacht Club is a very important one – as it is the future of the club.
We would like to hear from existing Ensign Members on what we can change to improve the situation.
Specifically, we would like to hear your views on:

–          Is what the NYC offers in line with what the Ensign age group want / need and if not how could we improve it?

–          What are your thoughts on the Fee structure, as it compares to other sports clubs etc.

–          Should we appoint / elect an Ensign Group Lead and provide some control of resources to run an annual program of events for this group?

–          AOB – Other items that Junior Convenor and others might suggest

–          Spreading the load to support NYC Facebook / Twitter presence.

The format will be a sit-down discussion 8pm – 9.15pm followed by Pizza and Drinks, hosted by the Committee.

It will be an opportunity to meet fellow ensigns socially and discuss items to make for better sailing and more fun in 2018 and beyond.

Best Regards,

Martin McCarthy

To reserve a place please email Carmen at marked Ensign Open Forum


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