Irish Sailing Lockdown Sailing Rules Quiz – Challenge 1

Mar 31, 2020 | Sailing

Keep your racing skills sharp during lockdown by taking part in the Irish Sailing Lockdown Sailing Rules Quiz!

Take part as an individual, as a class team or a club team. Scenarios will be sent every two weeks, Irish Sailing will keep a leader board and there will be a prize for the best individual and team (Club or class). Please feel free to share with your club or class or team and just submit one answer per team.

Download: Lockdown Sailing Rules Quiz-Challenge1

  1. Download the scenario above with statements by the boats involved. You are the local judge for your club, and have been asked to settle their disagreement by deciding which boat if any has broken a rule.
  1. You have a few days to ask any questions (before Friday 3rd of April). Once you have decided send back your answer! Send your answers (max 200 words) to Gordon Davies
  1. On Monday 6th April at 1700hrs we will have a short webinar to discuss the answer. There will be a panel of 3 International Judges to answer the questions and discuss the scenario (Gordon Davies, Chris Lindsay and Cxema Pico)
  2. The webinar link is here: Webinar link click here!

Topic: Lockdown Sailing Rules Forum

Meeting ID: 985 028 161

Password: 756782

  1. The webinar recording will be able for you to download afterwards if you are not able to make the time.


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