Earlier Return to Racing for Cruiser and Keelboat Classes

Jun 26, 2020 | Sailing

 As a result of the quicker easing of COVID restrictions DBSC keelboat and cruiser racing will now start two weeks earlier than previously advised.  The new start date is Tuesday the 7th of July with the previously advertised full programme commencing from then. 

Races in the first week will not count for series points for cruiser and keel boat classes to facilitate a shake down of boats, crews and race management and to ensure that those who have made alternative arrangements are not penalised.

The updated NoR be found here and schedule here. Please remember that for this season Tuesday racing will follow the same format as Thursday nights starting from a committee boat.

Please make sure you familiar yourself with the updated guidance from Irish Sailing which will be available here.  In particular we draw you attention to the following:

–       Consider now the new Pod system applies to your boat
–       Ensure that you keep electronic records of crew details and participation for contact tracing
–       Remember the key COVID symptoms
–       Plan your activity afloat  

As per our previous note we will be deciding upon class and fleet viability and by extension how they will be combined following a cut off of next Wednesday.   As it stands a number of class are not viable and will not be considered for racing this year.  In addition number of classes do not have sufficient numbers and will be combined with others. We will liaise directly with the captains of the classes in question.  

We are going racing.  Please enter here now.  

Again many thanks to all of you who have entered DBSC to date.


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