Congratulations to NYC’s Clementine and Nathan Van Steenberge, Crowned 29er World Champions in Weymouth!!

Aug 18, 2023 | Home Page Featured, Sailing

The National Yacht Club, its Officers, Members and Staff would like to extend a huge congratulation to sister and brother Clementine (Helm) and Nathan (Crew) Van Steenberge for their amazing 1st place at the 29er World Championships in Weymouth!

We are actively preparing a homecoming celebration in the very near future and further communication for the date, time and format of the event will be circulated early next week!

The scale of this huge achievement can only be apprehended when realising that ‘Our Champions’ came top of the league of 205 competitors  (Gold Fleet = 50, Silver Fleet = 52, Bronze Fleet = 52 and Emerald Fleet = 51) from 25 countries, some of which have huge fleet and expert 29er sailors (see table below)




For a full set of results, please visit: 

Country Competitors   Country Competitors   Country Competitors
GBR 40   IRL 7   DEN 4
SUI 18   AUS 7   POL 3
ARG 14   USA 7   BRA 3
ITA 13   ESP 7   CZE 3
NED 13   SWE 6   NOR 3
FRA 12   AUT 6   NZL 2
HUN 11   CAN 5   SLO 2
GER 10   HKG 5   FIN 2
            RSA 1

Below is a very ‘candid’ interview of Clementine and Nathan barely realising the scale of their achievement…


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