Quiz Update

Mar 8, 2024 | Club house, Social

Quiz Update

 Sometimes, during one-sided contests, the spectators and commentators can be heard musing that perhaps if the organisers were kind they would end the contest early for the sake of all concerned, and to avoid needless injury (to body and pride). Well, that is exactly what happened in the Brains of the Bay quiz series on Wednesday night (6 March). Wizard, the team that everyone wants to beat  – but can’t – gained an unassailable lead in the overall series, successfully defending their title from last season. As they are all venturing to warmer climes for the next few weeks (I hear Italy is lovely at this time of year!) and will not be able to attend the final two quizzes, the Brains of the Bay trophy was presented to Wizard, led by a proud Páid Cassidy, by our former Commodore Conor O’Regan (pictured). We want to offer Wizard heartfelt congratulations, wish them well, and we look forward to their attempt at the three-peat next season.

As for the other teams ….

In the race for the runner’s-up spot, T.B.M. and the Corner Boys are tied, ahead of Enchantress with these three teams likely to vie for the just-now-inaugurated Scott-Aldrin-White trophy commemorating some of history’s also-rans. A bottle of Champagne awaits the winner(?). We look forward to welcoming all the teams back on Wednesday 20th March at 8pm sharp! where Wizard, despite their non-attendance, are only slight favourites.

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