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Dec 1, 2023 | Bar Quiz Results, Social

 Strictly Come Quizzing

They say it takes ‘two to Tango’, and so Enchantress took to the floor on Wednesday to sashay into a tie-break. After a nail-biter, Tango waltzed away with the win. The Corner Boys continued to pogo up and down in form, while The Dirty Ruckers capped a fine performance in fourth, with last-time-out winners Celtic Boys left looking for a dance partner after swanning into an early lead.

Enchantress, though, move to the top of the Overall Leaderboard, while all the other teams eagerly await the chance to discard their poorer performances.

One view is that, with up to four potential discards, all teams are currently sitting tied on zero points!


Next up is the Christmas Dinner Quiz on the 13th December – all teams who are intending on dining should notify the club in advance. Dinner for 7.30pm. Quiz will start at 8.30pm.

Festive cheer and spirit guaranteed!

The Quizmaster


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