Experience a Taste of Dublin Bay 21’s for yourself!

Sep 8, 2023 | Sailing

Following from the successful establishment of the Sailors of The Dublin Bay Twentyones we plan on widening the opportunity for more people to experience the World’s Oldest One Design Cruiser / Racer class for themselves and with this in mind we are organising an open day on Sunday 17th September, weather permitting.

The event is open to all and sundry, young and old alike regardless of sailing experience and offers the chance to check out if regular sailing on these beautiful boats may be of interest in the future. 

The format is simple – we offer 3 sailing slots during the day – 10.30, 12.30 and 3.00  for a brief orientation and sail in the bay.  With 4 boats available we can offer up to 12 participants per session, a chance to experience sailing a classic boat and hopefully from that grow both interest in the class and potential new crew members to participate in regular racing and other events.

A jot form booking form has been set up as per link below 


Many thanks 

Seán Doyle
On behalf of Sailors Of Dublin Bay Twentyones


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