Craning & Hull Wash Special Offers

May 10, 2024 | Sailing

Attention all Yacht owners!

To celebrate the commissioning of our new industrial hot & Cold powerhosing station, the Boathouse is delighted to extend 2 amazing special offers on our ‘lift for a quick wash’ services!’

We extend the following pre-pay offers for 2024 (please note the pre-paid lifts cannot be carried over into next year)
5 lifts for the price of 4 + 20% additional discount
4 lifts for the price of 3 + 10% additional discount

The actual powerhosing (on hot water) will be made by a member of staff, so not even necessary to get dirty and wet!

These amazing offers will be of interest not just to all racers but I’m sure to all owners taking proud of a clean hull and sailing their boats at their true potential…

If you are interested by either offer, please complete the form below to see what % discount per lift (or in real money terms) your particular boat could avail of and, if happy to go with it, just submit the form! We will then invoice you and issue you with a ‘loyalty type’ craning card…


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