Adult Sail Training 2018

Learn how to sail or improve on your sailing skills through the Adult Sail Training programme at the National Yacht Club

This year the Adult Sail Training programme will be a 6 week course, focusing on teaching you how to crew and helm a sailing boat in Dun Laoghaire harbour and out into Dublin Bay…

The National Yacht Club fleet of Club boats, suitable for learning how to sail as an Adult, are the 1720, RS Venture, Wayfarer and soon J80.

This programme will give you a combination of skills and abilities in sailing, ranging from hands-on sailing, out on the water, combined with small amounts of theory to help your understanding. You will be encouraged to participate in controlling the boat as much as you wish, from rigging, launching, sailing, retrieving and general caring for the boat.

Mature Sailing Coaches / Instructors will be with you during your journey, prior to sailing, during sailing and after sailing.

As there will be a range of sailing experience among the attendees, the Instructors will work with each of you, to determine the best learning experiences, so that you get the most out of your sessions.

Experienced volunteers from the membership of the club, will also be available to support you, to facilitate you making introductions to other members or to help you find a boat to sail on a more regular basis.

Socialising is a large aspect to “apres” sailing. At the end of each session, we will have a de-brief in the Club, where snacks and drinks will be available. This will give you the chance to talk about your experiences with the other attendees after sailing, discuss what went well or needs more attention with the Instructors, while becoming more familiar with the club and its surroundings, enabling you to make new friends for the future.

Course logistics

Course 2: starting on Monday 23rd July or Wednesday 25th July 2018
– 6 sessions, on a Monday evenings (6pm to 9pm) or
– 6 sessions, on a Wednesday evenings (6pm to 9pm)

(note: flexibility will be facilitated, where possible, to allow switching from a Monday evening to a Wednesday evening or vica versa, depending on numbers and availability, or for catching up on a missed evening in the second course offering)

Registrations are now open for our 2nd Adult Sail Training Course for 2018 starting Monday 23rd July or Wednesday 25th…please use the form below to register.


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